We manufacture custom switchboard solutions to meet your specific project requirements. We specialise in New, Retrofit and Modular Switchboard Systems.

Switchboards are electrically fitted out by highly trained staff, to exacting measures. We utilise modern Busbar systems, built to Type tested design practice upto 6500Amps.

We specialise in the manufacture of:

  • Form 1, Form 2, Form 3, Form 3Bih and Form 4 segregation standards
  • Mechanical Switchboards up to 6500Amp capacity
  • Power Distribution Switchboards up to 6500Amp Capacity
  • Industrial Control Centres
  • PLC and Telemetries cubicles
  • Automatic Supply Transfer cubicles
  • Generator Control cubicles
  • Power Factor Correction cubicles
  • Motor Control Centres
  • Building Automation (BMCS) Switchboards and Control Cubicles
  • Small scale individual Electrical cubicles

We are pleased to hold National Accreditation and respective licencing to build NHP CUBIC Modular switchboards, offering our customers an alternative solution in switchboard supply.