Canberra Airport Precinct and Majura Park Tri-Generation

One of the many outstanding features of this business park was that at point of concept, it was envisaged that this modern precinct be designed to include a sustainable community of buildings. As the Park houses a range of buildings, from single storey structures to multilevel office buildings, retail and child support facilities, it was seen as important that the park would be green, sustainable and therefore was a candidate to introduce the ACT to Tri-generation technology. The buildings share a common infrastructure, for the generation and supply of electrical power and the heating cooling water distributed underground by a reticulation network.

Brooks Marchant was chosen to design, manufacture and install the necessary mechanical switchboards to obtain this goal. The Tri-generation plant utilises waste heat, electrical generators and absorption chillers to provide the precinct wide energy benefits.

Excess power generation allows the operators to sell this power to the local electrical grid, further benefitting the wider community.